Christine & Al are married!


Orange Park, Florida


  • Which airport should I fly in to?

    We recommend flying into Jacksonville International Airport (JAX).

    Can I bring a date?

    Due to limited venue capacity, we are unable to host any additional guests that were not formally invited.

    Are children allowed?
    We love the kids, but we kindly request that  #magicalchriss1111 be an adult only affair.

    Where do I park?
    There is ample, free parking available on-site at The Club Continental.

    Transportation in Jacksonville:
    We suggest utilizing the following as transportation options while you're in Jacksonville:


    Airport car rentals
    Checker Cab of Jacksonville- 904-345-3333

    Have you reserved hotel room blocks?

    Yes, we have! Please reference the "ACCOMMODATIONS" tab of the site.

    Where are you registered?

    Please check out our "REGISTRY" tab for more information. 

    Can I take pictures and/or post photos of your wedding ceremony on social media?

    We ask that no photos be taken during the ceremony. Your presence is important to us and we would truly appreciate you giving you full energy to us as we say I do. Professional photos will be shared on this website shortly after the wedding day.

    Can I take pictures and/or post photos during the reception on social media? 

    Absolutely! Please take and share as many photos as you like during the party. Be sure to use #magicalchriss1111 when posting to social media outlets so that everyone can see your lovely photography skills! 

    Why 11:11?
    Have you ever heard this saying "when you see 11:11, make a wish!"? Seeing numbers repeated in our lives is usually a great sign of synchronicity- reminding us that we are on the right path in our individual lives. We both have been seeing this number throughout our lives and it became something they share together since we met. Every time we see it, one of us says, texts or messages each other "11:11!!" as a reminder that everything is going to be OK and to be grateful for the all blessings we currently have in our lives. This is a magical number for us! Lucky for us, November 11, 2018 happened to fall on a Sunday, so getting married on that day was a no-brainer!

    What's magicalchriss? 

    "magic" as in wonderful; exciting. ex: "what a magic moment"



    ...get it?